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okay so I am just like really desperate right now and I need a story for my creative writing class so I found the one that was titled "We moved into a new house about 4 months ago. I think we’re going to have to move again." and it's really good so I was wondering, could I please use it for my class?

No, that would be plagiarism. I’m flattered that you like the story but please do something original, creative writing is fun and you have the opportunity to write something you can be proud of. I wrote that in an hour or two, and I could probably do a lot better if it was for a class or something actually worth while. Why don’t you read a few more short stories that other people have written and maybe take a bit of inspiration. You can find ideas for your own stories in your personal life, a variety of books and movies, anything really. I’m sorry you’re getting desperate for a piece of writing but please use something of your own. Your teacher could just google that story and find my blog haha. I hope you can do well anyway :)