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We were really good friends for so long when we were kids. I used to really like hanging with you. You were badass and stubborn and funny as shit. We have so many great memories together. We just drifted apart eventually. 

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You're amazingly beautiful. ❤

I think we all know who the beautiful one is here ;) ME (just kiddddding, it’s totes you) 

Why don't you blog much anymore? You used to be on a lot more :(

Last year we didn’t have internet for like 3 weeks while we moved into our new apartment and I just really enjoyed not being on tumblr so much. I hadn’t realised it but tumblr was really destroying my confidence. I don’t know if it was just the blogs I was following or whatever, but it had been quite harmful. There’s so much self bullying that goes on, so many text posts about how lame/worthless/unattractive people here feel. Reading that stuff all the time, even if I tried not to apply to myself, I got sucked in. It didn’t help that almost every picture on my dash was of a model or just a regular yet insanely gorgeous girl, and it made me feel pretty ugly and worthless. Maybe if I’d already had an unfailingly good body image or a lot of self respect or whatever, maybe it would’ve been fine. But because I was already heading down that ‘really insecure teenager’ kind of road, I got really down about it all. But it was addictive and hard to stop coming here. Taking a break from it was all I needed to realise that it was a big source of my insecurities. I’m not saying that every part of tumblr is like this. If I only followed body-positive, self-help, health and happiness blogs I might be fine. But I don’t.  

Aside from all that, there’s also just the fact that I’m 20 now and kind of outgrown it. I’m considering starting a new blog just for art and stuff that inspires me but I can’t be bothered. So I’m just sticking with this blog and really only using it to find pictures that inspire my photography/deisgn/art life.